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CHEK certified Gary Jasmin is one of the top personal trainers in Montreal and follows a holistic and truly personal approach to health

Make a change!

Achieve maximum results with no wasted effort. Good posture, muscle balance, proper nutrition and stress management are all important in a comprehensive program designed just for you.

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Diets. Boot camps. Sweat and Tears.


There is a simpler way ladies. Less effort. Better results.

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Rule your sport!

rule your sport

From recreational fun to professional athletes, targeted exercises and pattern movement will put you at the top of your game.

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You CAN turn back time.


There may not be a fountain of youth, but you can increase your energy, improve your mobility and athletic performance, reduce pain and decrease your risk for chronic diseases.

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What do these have in common?

Fatigue, weight gain, injuries, bloating, mood swings.
They are all caused by the same thing and are easy to fix!

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Is pain ruling your life?

pain and injury

Poor posture, tight muscles and awkward movements usually lead to injury or pain. The plan: identify your weaknesses and build up your strength to bring your body back into balance. Relief is in sight.

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About Gary Jasmin

As an athlete, Gary’s background is vast. He began skating at the age of 2 and playing hockey at 3 years old. He played inter-city (North Shore) soccer, with two provincial and one national championship under his belt. His hockey career included AAA hockey as a teenager and ended with a two-year stint playing semi-pro in the Quebec Senior Major Hockey League with the Montreal Royals. He is also a former bodybuilding champion, highlighting his 30 years in the fitness industry. A severe neck injury ended his hopes of winning his pro card. His focus quickly changed to continuing his studies in High Performance Exercise, using a clinical and holistic approach as a base model.

Having worked in health clubs for the better part of his trainer career, he branched out and joined forces with a team of clinical professionals to better advance his career and focus. As a Clinical Exercise Coach and Practitioner, Gary has completed over twenty certifications across North America and is currently in a 5-year program internship with the world famous C.H.E.K Institute (based in San Diego, California).


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