About Gary

As an athlete, Gary’s background is vast.  He began skating at the age of 2 and playing hockey at 3 years old.  He played inter-city (North Shore) soccer, with two provincial and one National championship under his belt.  his hockey career included AAA Hockey as a teenager and ended with a two year stint playing semi-pro in the Quebec Senior Major Hockey League with the Montreal Royals.  He is also a former bodybuilding champion, highlighting his 30 years in the fitness industry.  A severe neck injury ended his hopes of pursuing his pro card. His focus quickly changed to continuing his studies in high performance exercise using a more clinical and holistic approach.

having worked in health clubs for several years as a trainer, he branched out and joined forces with a team of clinical professionals to better advance his career and focus.  His studies in orthopedic screening, posturology and kinesiology have led him to his degrees as a Naturopath, Posturologist, CHEK coach and practitioner, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Metabolic Typist. Adhering to a strong appreciation to the theory that guides professional individualized program design, Gary has coached, trained and consulted for over 20 years.  His clients have ranged from professional and amateur body figure competitors, young athletes to week-end warriors and stay at home moms.

His current focus is teaching courses on program design, posturology, movement patterns, core and spinal stability.  His goal is to bridge the gap between fitness and clinical professionals to better advance the field of fitness and performance training.
His greatest assets have and always will be his passion and motivation.