Your body is a complex machine with many integrated systems. It adapts and reacts to everything from food and sleep to stress and movement. The key to Gary’s personalized training is that he takes the time to find out how your body is reacting to the current conditions of your lifestyle and what it really needs to function at its best.

The assessment process is done in your first meeting with Gary and can take up to two hours.

Your first session with Gary will be a comprehensive assessment that includes:

Physiological Load Assessment – determines sleep/wake cycles, what you eat, when you eat, stress, fungus and parasite

Deep Abdominal Wall Testing – determines all core issues which is the base of your power and strength

Postural Assessment head to toe measurements

Comparative Range of Motion – testing all muscles and joints to determine imbalances

Primal Movement Skills – six basic movements make up all activities. Push and pull, squat and bend, lunge and twist.

Kinetic Energy – seeing your movements in action

Using his expertise, Gary will interpret the results of the assessment to create your personalized program around your goals and ensures that all systems are working together to provide optimal results.

As required, these services will be incorporated in your program.