Are you at the top of your game?

As an athlete you want that edge to beat your competition.  You train hard, watch what you eat, get the recommended amount of sleep and plan your game strategy. Still not getting the results you need?

It’s time to shake things up. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results.  To find that edge, you need a personalized program based on an assessment of your performance, posture, muscle balance and nutrition. Focusing on pattern movement and targeted exercises for sport, you’ll be in peak condition.

Gary Jasmin is one of the top personal trainers in Montreal.  He specializes in High Performance Exercise, using a clinical and holistic approach as a base model.  He has trained world champion body builders and professional athletes.

You can read more about Gary, his training philosophy and specialized services here:

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Corrective conditioning

Metabolic typing

Nutrition counseling

Lifestyle & Stress management