Weight Loss

Weight loss is a challenge faced by many people. We are surrounded by convenient, yet unhealthy food choices and as our lives get more hectic it is harder to resist them.  Everywhere you look someone is trying to sell you a different weight loss gimmick, but yo-yo dieting, grueling cardio workouts and aching muscles are no one’s idea of fun and they don’t deliver sustainable results.

Lifestyle changes

The only real, long term solution that will let you keep weight off for good is to make lifestyle changes. By making small progressive adjustments you will develop new habits that you can maintain.

Gary will work with you to develop your training program that will include a fitness plan and nutritional counseling. He’ll work with you to incorporate these into your lifestyle.

True factors in weight management

  • Activity:  Regular cardio activity helps to keep your metabolism up and burning fat
  • Strength training: Muscle mass burns fat
  • Metabolic typing: Eating for your metabolic needs, determining your metabolic type and feeding your body with food you need, will regulate hormonal imbalances. Read more on metabolic typing
  • Proper nutrition: Eating appropriate servings of food, for your body type and maintaining hormonal balance will keep your metabolism revved up,and fat storage hormones down. Find out more about the importance of good nutrition
  • Hormonal balance: Controlled by stress levels, activity levels and proper nutrition, hormone levels are partly responsible for fat storage. Read more

A program tailored to your needs, your metabolism and your muscular structure will give you faster results with less effort. You’ll love what you see.